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The travels of the Cebula-Kenney family: Larry, Renee, Mac, Rachael and Sam.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The last photo that I will post. This small box comes from the descendants of expedition member Patrick Gass, with the story that it was carved for Gass by Sacagawea. If it is true, it is the only material object we have from her hand.

Day 16: Near Cape Disappointment, Washington.

Day 15: The wackiest of the many heroic bronze statues of L&C that we saw along the trail. It is hard to figure out what is going on here. Lewis has thrown himself down, his gun still in hand, to hurriedly draw a picture of the fish that the old Indian man is holding, presumably before the fish turns into a bird and flies away. He has a rapt look of concentration on his face--"!" The Indian man seems wise and kind, he knows how important it is that Lewis draw the fish. Even the dog Seaman is transfixed by the high drama of the moment. Clark stands above them all with arms out like an Old Testament prophet, giving his benediction. Damn it is a strange statue.

Day 15: Fort Clatsop

Winter provisions

Day 15: At the reconstructed Fort Clatsop, where L&C spent their second winter.

And again

Day 14: The end of the trail (according to some) in Seaside, Oregon. The lady taking the picture asked me "What were they looking for anyway?" "Lobster hats, ma'am," I almost said.

Day 14: The view from Tillamahook Head, which is as far south along the coast as L&C explored.

"Oh! The joy!"

Day 13: "Ocian in View!"

Day 13: The politics are different out here than in Missouri.

Getting near Portland, Oregon.

Day 12: Another view of the slackwater that is the lower Columbia.

Day 12: Pioneer cabin near The Dalles, Oregon.

Day 12: Windsurfers on the lower Columbia.

Day 12: Sam stands in front of an enlarged photo of native children at an an Indian boarding school around the turn of the last century. This was at the Tam´┐Żstslikt Cultural Institute, the interpretive center for the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes

Give me some pie or I will shoot you!

Day 12: Lewis and Clark Days at Fort Walla Walla, a veritable treasure trove of wrong historical information.

What is in there?

Day 12: Whitman Mission in south central Washington.


Day 11: Typical eastern Washington landscape.

Day 11: Like the Missouri, the Columbia River today has been transformed by dams, dikes, irrigation canals and other "improvements" and bears little resemblance to the river that L&C knew.

Day 11: No comment.

Day 11: Canoe Camp, Idaho. It was here that the Expedition stopped to make dugout canoes to carry them down the rivers to the Pacific.

Heart of the Monster. The Nez Perce believed that in the time of the animal people Coyote slew and dismembered a great monster on this spot.

Day 11: Descending the Clearwater River in Idaho.

Day 11: Astonishing Nez Perce beaded shirt from the 1840s, on display at Nez Perce National Historic Park.

Day 10: Paying homage to Bernard DeVoto, one of the greatest western historians.

Brother sharing a Walkman.

Day 10: Patch of snow near the top of Lolo Pass.

Day 9: Winding through the Bitteroots.

Day 9: The Lemhi Valley, home to Sacagawea's people.

Day 9: Exploring a mine shaft below Lemhi Pass.

Day 9: Coming down Lemhi Pass.

Sam ate one too.

Day 9: Today I ate some glacier lilies.

Another view from Lemhi Pass.

Day 9: The view west from Lemhi Pass. L&C had hoped to see a gentle slope leading down to the headwaters of the Columbia, instead they found range after range of mountains still to be crossed.

End of Day 8: Clark and his men paddled or pushed their canoes over this very stretch of the Beaverhead River near Dillon Montana.

Day 9: The approach to Lemhi Pass, where L&C crossed the continental divide.

Day 8: The Beaver's Head. When Sacagawea recognized this landmark the exploreers knew that they were near the homeland of the Lemhi Shoshoni.

Day 8:

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Day 8: Hunting prairie dogs. Prairie Dogs 1, Sam and Daddy 0.

Day 8: Pish-kin Buffalo Jump State Park. Indians drove herds of buffalo off this cliff. Let's eat!

Day 7: Renee and MAc hiking near Great Falls.